Gospel Song Marketing Super Bundle!
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This is for you if...

you have a gospel song but don't have a place to start marketing it and you really want to put your song in the eyes and ears of thousands of people! ..... We do it for 30 DAYS!


Powerful Easy To Do
Gospel Song Marketing Opportunity!

Every Song Marketing Promotion Need These 7 Crucial Elements

  • Your Promotion Needs To Be Seen Several Times Before People Can Connect With It...
  • Your Promotion Needs To Be Heard Several Times Before It Registers In A Person's Mind...
  • Your Promotion Needs To Brand What You Are Promoting...
  • Your Promotion Needs To Grab A Person's Attention...
  • Your Promotion Must Have A Direct Call-To-Action....
  • Your Promotion Needs To Brand What You Are Promoting...
  • Your Promotion Needs To Have A Clear And Straight To Point Message...
  • Your Promotion Must Be In As Many Places As Possible For Maximum Exposure...

Gospel Song Marketing!
This Promotion Comes With These Powerful Marketing Tools!

***  Please Bear In Mind All Submissions Must Meet Radio Broadcast Quality Guidelines Before Your Promotion Can Begin  ***

Radio Station 1

This Stellar Award winning station, Synergy1Radio is based out of Chicago, IL and was birthed from the nationally syndicated Gospel Synergy Magazine!

Radio Commercial

Use your own or let us create it for you! You commercial will be professionally produced by the man with voice to help people connect with your music!

Radio Station 2

WNIA Gospel Radio is based out of Winston Salem, NC and has pioneered some of the most useful indie artist marketing and promotional systems.

Twitter Marketing

Our Twitter marketing tool was created and perfected by us to help promote you socially without damaging your performance rights data.


You will be able to see our system in action and therefore know that your money is being put to its intended use. We use Twitter as proof of delivery for your promotion.

Renew Anytime

As mentioned earlier, many artist have renewed this service more than 5 times and they keep coming back because we deliver. Renew or start a new promotion at any time!

Get access to our Gospel Song Promotion Bundle now!

This promotion bundle puts your gospel song in front of thousands of people who may have never heard about you or your song and It does it over the span of 30 days across 2 independently operated online gospel radio stations and their respective Twitter followers!

Promote Your Gospel Song!

Why should I use this promotional tool?

​More than 300 gospel artist have used this promotion and many of them have used it more than 5 times!!!!

Here are a few reasons we know of as to why.

First off four spins a day at various times of the day means you are reaching a larger population due to the global nature of Internet radio. Because our regular listeners are tuned in every day, they get to become familiar with you song and it's sound. This where mental branding begins for the listener. Once the listener has gotten use to your song, they start singing it and it becomes something they like.
The other thing that happens is that they hear your commercial with information as to who you are and where your music can be purchased. This is happening with your song in the background to help the listener connect the commercial with the song they have been hearing. Now the listeners can put a name with music.

And lastly but not least is the social component of this promotion. Each time your song and commercial is played, it is also tweeted to our combined 20,000+ Twitter followers! When you retweet our tweets, it increases your exposure even the more! Sometimes your tweet can have a massive reach when you, your followers, us and our followers like and retweet you too!

All of this exposure is happening several times a day, every day for 30 days!!! That's and awesome deal that jusy can't be passed up!!


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Here's How Your Ad Will Look On Twitter!

Here's What You Get!

  • A Radio Commercial That Runs Daily On 2 Stations
  • 4 Spins A Day On WNIA Gospel Radio
  • 4 Spins A Day On Synergy1Radio
  • Guaranteed Spins On Both Stations
  • All Of This For A Full 30 Days!

Around The Clock Promotion for 30 DAYS!

Your song and commercial will get around the clock promotion for 30 days helping you to get the exposures you need to put your song into the eyes and ears of thousands of people.



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do I need to create my own commercial?

How will I know if you are promoting my music?

When will my promotion begin?

Is there a set time for my promotion to run?

Get access to our Gospel Song Promotion Bundle now!

Put your gospel song on the fast track to exposure with the

Gospel Song Marketing Super Bundle!

*** We reserve the right to end your promotion at the sole discretion of the stations involved without recourse or notice. You will be completely refunded in such cases. ***

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